Lucy Markewicz is a foodie who makes things happen. This dynamic culinary entrepreneur has made a name for herself in her home town of Durban and beyond through her infectious love of food and entertaining.

Her range of talents has been repeatedly demonstrated through her business journey: starting from a patisserie stall at Shongweni Farmers Market, Lucy then moved on to start the highly acclaimed Vanille Cafe in Kloof and then spent almost 4 years at the helm of Freedom Cafe. Now settled on the more central Berea she holds Renegade Kitchen and CakeLab under her belt.

At the core of Lucy’s various operations is a deep love of and appreciation for food and the simple pleasure it can bring to life through both everyday meals and shared celebrations. Her creations, from slap up breakfasts to wedding cakes, are always hearty, honest, visually delightful and bring a sense of exuberance to any occasion. Being self-taught her creativity and quirky approach to food became her biggest asset.

Celebrating with food comes second nature to Lucy, who grew up with a natural sense of creativity in the kitchen.  “I’ll never forget the birthday cakes my mum used to make my sister and I: Always hand crafted as per our requests or my mum’s latest find in her favourite magazine. Those handmade cakes were her special gift to us on our birthday and made them all the more memorable. A slice of love straight from the heart!”

Lucy’s belief that good wholesome food can be easily accessible extends to her engagement with the public where she delights in teaching and sharing her passions.