Lucy Markewicz.. Has decided to break away from the mould and bring you food experiences that are truly unforgettable. Opening Durban’s minds with ever popular FREEDOM CAFE and the highly popular and experimental CAKE LAB, she is certainly equipped for the job



FOOD CLUB – Going against the grain is our passion, curating our own calendar of events with a focus on a seasonal, artisanal dishes challenging the norm.

CATER SQUAD– Set your wedding or event free!  Look through our menus and you’ll start to feel the itch.

STYLING – Having been in the game for some time we can add value to your brand or product, setting up everything from recipe creation to ingredient and prop sourcing, for photoshoots and video production.


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Consider our mouth-watering menus for your next event.

Burger bar – Retro revival – Canapè – Taco bar – Set menu 1 – Set menu 2




























TEL:+27 (0)61 706 1199

The Plant– 5 Station Drive — Durban — 4001

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